Heating & AC Repair in North Las Vegas, NV

A Technician Services an Air Conditioner.

HVAC Repair Specialists

When your heating and cooling system breaks down, you want to get it repaired quickly. To repair it, you’ll need trusted local professionals – you’ll find those professionals at Gold Medal Service. We are a family owned and operated HVAC contracting company that specializes in heating & AC repair in North Las Vegas, NV. You can expect a prompt response from our team when you call (702) 489-2100.

Our Service Offerings in North Las Vegas, NV

For more than 30 years, Gold Medal Service has provided heating & AC repair in North Las Vegas, NV, and has become a trusted, local source for all types of HVAC services. We have established ourselves as the leading HVAC contractor in the area by always providing exceptional service, whether we’re cleaning your evaporator coils or installing a new furnace. We serve both residential and commercial customers and offer a wide array of solutions from parts replacement and ductless AC installation to repairing commercial ovens and walk-in coolers. Our service-driven certified and licensed technicians have a proven track record by building long-term relationships with our customers. They are dedicated to maintaining your comfort at the highest level. 

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It’s never a good time for your HVAC system to break down. When it does, and you’re looking for a trusted, local source for heating & AC repair in North Las Vegas, NV, you’ll need to search no further than Gold Medal Service. We provide a full range of HVAC service solutions. Find out more about us, get an estimate, or schedule a service appointment by calling (702) 489-2100.