5 Most Common HVAC Issues in 2020

When it comes to heating & cooling, a wide range of problems can arise. At Gold Medal Air, we are equipped to handle just about anything. Seasonal temperature changes often cause HVAC problems for homeowners. Lack of maintenance and attention to heating or cooling units can make minor issues more significant. Let’s examine some of the most common HVAC problems and detail on how to address each of them.

1) Filthy Filters

Filthy filters restrict airflow and freeze over units. Filters get clogged when air and debris infiltrate their interiors. Clean filters seldom cause issues for homeowners, while dirty filters make their lives miserable. Every homeowner should habitually change their filters to prevent debris and particle build-up. Yearly inspections also prevent further damages and higher repair costs. 

HVAC maintenance extends your unit’s lifespan and lowers your overall costs. Minor problems are mostly affordable but neglecting them for months and even years creates massive repair costs. Although not spending money in the short-term feels like saving cash, the reality will hit you eventually. It’s best to limit your costs with regular filter maintenance.

2) Dripping Refrigerant

Dripping refrigerant doesn’t look much like Gatorade, but it will ruin your HVAC system. Duct leakage is often a primary culprit of severe HVAC problems. The leaks prevent your units from working at full strength. Sometimes leaks are so bad that an entire unit needs replacement. Other times a sealing will do the trick, but sometimes only temporarily. It’s essential to allow a qualified HVAC contractor to determine the severity of the leak. 

3) Decimated Thermostat

If your home feels like a desert land despite your cooling unit blowing air, your thermostat may be devastatingly destroyed. For example, your thermostat shows a temperature of 71, but your home is a sauna. Malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most common HVAC problems. Sometimes a simple reset fixes the problem, while other times, a professional must come over and fix it.

Worst-case scenarios include dead thermostats. If the AC unit fails to power up, it may indicate a more severe problem. Sometimes a battery change will do the trick, but other times, you will need to replace the entire unit. Of course, the former is more inexpensive, while the latter may cost you a pretty penny and a lot of frustration.

4) Obstructed Drain

We’ve all had this experience. Your air conditioning unit is on and blowing air, yet your house feels like a sauna. Such an occurrence indicates an obstructed drain. Not only can these be an annoyance and cause you and family members to lose sleep, but it also requires a simple repair. A contractor can come to clean the lines and ensure that airflow is free-flowing throughout your home. You will notice the difference immediately.

5) Dead Fuses

Fuses protect your system’s primary components. When a fuse blows, your AC unit suffers entirely. The first thing to look at is the circuit breaker, which will indicate if one or more fuses are dead. The most common cause of a fuse blowing is excess heat. When your unit overheats, the fuse can’t take anymore, and it dies. The good news is that a quality HVAC company can help. A simple fuse replacement can often return the unit to its apex functionality.

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