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At Gold Medal Service, we work to ensure that your HVAC systems work efficiently. Through our many different services, we can help eliminate any worries you may have about your heating and cooling systems. It’s easy to have worries about them, especially if they’re not working correctly or have fallen into disrepair. We provide maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair services to help keep your home and commercial properties comfortable to live in, regardless of the weather outside! Keep reading to learn more about our HVAC services for the Las Vegas, NV area!

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Our HVAC Services

At Gold Medal Service, we offer so many HVAC services for our customers who live in the Las Vegas, NV area. We understand how crucial it is to make sure that air conditioning units work effectively during the blistering summer — and to make sure that heating systems work equally as well during the cold winter nights. Our services include extensive assistance for those who need maintenance, repairs, or installations for AC or heating units. We also offer additional services to help make your living situation as easy as possible. We can repair and install new thermostats, as well as set up zoning systems on your property so you can easily control the temperature in different parts of your home!

Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC Services

Our services aren’t just limited to those in residential houses. We offer many different commercial HVAC services, including services directly related to commercial refrigeration. If your commercial property needs maintenance or repairs on any HVAC system, we can help. The same goes for any new installations or replacements! Our team of highly trained professionals knows how to work with commercial sized boilers, AC’s, and furnaces. We also extend our services to those who may need repairs on their commercial oven, walk-in cooler, or ice machine!

Resdential HVAC Repair

AC Repair and Installation

It’s Las Vegas, NV. You need an AC that works effectively and keeps your whole entire house cool during the summer. And we can help! If you realize that your AC isn’t working properly — or at all — give us a call and we’ll evaluate the situation by either repairing the system, or replacing the existing unit. We also offer maintenance visits to help ensure that your AC units are working great — and therefore helping make sure that your air conditioner doesn’t randomly stop working the middle of the summer. We know how to repair any type of AC unit or system, and also offer cleaning services to help keep dust and debris from potentially causing your AC to fall into disrepair. If you need help, call us now for HVAC services in Las Vegas, NV and more!